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SLS Nylon

Durable Sintered Nylon

Sintered nylon is impact resistant, precise, and affordable, making it ideal for functional parts and production runs.

Features: High impact resistence, high temperature resistence, good chemical resistence, granular finish
Good for: Functional parts, complex geometries, fit tests
Expedited Speed: 1 Day


Card image cap

1000+ Material Combinations

Create beautifully smooth models with custom hardnesses that can mimic everything from a rigid thermoplastic to various rubber durometers.

Features: Smooth finish, mix custom hardness elastomers, clear available
Good for: Precise prototypes, display models, simulating multiple materials
Expedited Speed: 1 Day


FDM prototypes

Economical Thermoplastics

Good for quick, affordable prototypes. FDM parts are durable but have a rougher finish (showing layer lines) and don't do well with small details

Features: Low-cost, layered surface finish,
Good for: Rapid design iteration, affordable fit tests
Expedited Speed: 1 Day


SLA 3d printing clear

Highest dimensional Accuracy

SLA resins offer mechanical properties similar to thermoplastics, have smooth surface finishes and are ideal for parts with tight tolerances.

Features: High detail, clear available, ABS-material available
Good for: Functional prototypes, simulating injection molded parts, display models, fit testing of small features
Expedited Speed: 1 Day

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